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1. Dare to be Anything you want to be

A story about the different professions that girls can pursue as they grow up: Scientist, Engineer, Programmer, President, Pilot, Soccer Player, Entrepreneur, and even Youtuber!

The Objective:
To instill in girls an interest in careers and fields with the greatest gender inequality globally.





2. ¿Is This For Girls or for Boys?

You will learn that colors, professions, technology, and sports are not just for girls or boys but for everyone!

The Objective:

To minimize gender stereotypes that are often instilled at an early age, encouraging children to understand that our interests go beyond our gender and are based on our personalities.

3. We are all Different

We will learn that we are all different, and this is what makes the world a wonderful place.


Every year, 130 million children (1 in 3) suffer some form of bullying in school. Source: UNESCO 2022.

The Objective:

To instill in children the understanding that differences should not be pointed out, but rather we should learn to love, accept, and above all, respect them.


Reach of our content:

We work together with companies and educational institutions to ensure our content reaches underprivileged children. We have successfully distributed over

for free to vulnerable populations in Latin America.

Companies also organize DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives using our content for their employees and their families

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